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Products   Easy-Off Remote Control Sockets

Easy-Off Remote Control Sockets


Our remote control sockets allows you to turn the power to your appliances and equipment on and off by remote control.

Easy-Off Remote Control Sockets are a very simple way of turning off equipment and appliances. They can used to turn off just a single appliance, or can be used with a power strip to control multiple devices from a single remote control socket. Each socket learns the code from the button on the remote control transmitter that you assign to that socket during setup, this is very simple to do and can be changed at any time. You can control several remote controls sockets from the same button at the same time.

Turn off your sockets and equipment by remote control

Control multiple sockets together or separately

Works through walls and ceilings with 433Mhz transmission

Turn all sockets On/Off at the same time with a single button

Latest models come pre paired; just plug in and use

Neat and compact design unlike other bulky options

Add extra sockets later

20m Transmission range


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