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Products   IN-LIGHT LED Light Bulbs

IN-LIGHT LED Light Bulbs


IN-LIGHT LED Lightbulbs offer you a lightbulb that provides the same light output and light colour as the much missed normal incandescent lightbulbs. However they use up to 90% less power than the normal bulbs. This is done by using unique LED technology that allows for the LED's to be arranged in filaments giving a full all around light much softer than other LED bulbs and a far superior light to CFL bulbs.

  • Up to 90% energy Saving over normal incandescent lamps
  • High lumens light output per watt
  • No UV or infrared radiations
  • No mercury content or other hazardous materials
  • Up to 25,000hrs working lifetime
  • 360 degree all round light
  • Same appearance as normal lightbulbs
  • Warm white light for pleasant surroundings the same as old light bulbs  
  • Available as classic candle and globe shaped light bulbs

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