The Watts Clever INPLUG allows you to turn on and off appliances and equipment connected to the INPLUG using the supplied APP anywhere in the world with an internet connection, either via a wireless network or via a 3G phone network. In addition you can set scheduled, countdown, and random timers from the APP, and see the energy usage and cost of running anything connected to the INPLUG.

Turn the INPLUG socket on/off from anywhere in the world with an internet connection (3G or WiFi) using the the APP on your phone

  • Works with Android phones and Apple iPad &  Iphone IOS
  • Set timers to suit your needs with completely flexible daily scheduled, countdown, and random on/off timers
  • See how much power connected appliance are using in real time and how much they cost to run
  • Simple to use and easy quick setup using the free APP, no subscriptions ever

Set Timers to Suit your Lifestyle

  • Change your timer settings from anywhere you are connected to the internet
  • Set a countdown timer to turn the socket off after a user defined period of time
  • Set scheduled daily timers to control lamps and connected equipment from the APP, repeat on any combination of days you choose
  • Use the anti-theft timer to randomly turn connected lamps on and off over a number of hours; at night time for example. You can set how many times the socket will turn on and off over a selected time period.
Monitor and Control Energy Usage and Costs
  • Monitor the energy usage and cost of connected equipment from anywhere with an internet connection
  • View the electricity use and cost in real time
  • See historical electricity use and costs for the last connection time, day, week, month, or year
  • Control your energy costs by turning heaters, lamps, and electrical appliances off when not in use.

In The Box

Product Specifications
● Indoor Use Only
● Requires Android 4.0 or higher and IOS 6.0 or higher
● BS5733/A Tested
● 13A/250V ~ 50Hz Max 3100W
● Operating Temperature of 0 to 40 degrees
● Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
● UK Plug type
● 2 years product warranty